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Creating Psychological Safety for Everyone from Teenage Girls to CEOs.

I teach communication strategies that help everyone feel seen, heard, understood, valued, and celebrated.

Are you worried that employees are rolling their eyes behind your back?

We’re stuck in patterns of critiquing and evaluating the people around us. We feel judged.

With disconnection and disengagement at record highs, leaders, corporate managers, parents, educators, and business executives need new ways to motivate and inspire the people around them. I’m here to tell you that the lessons I’ve learned from teenage girls can help anyone change course to create empowering environments filled with psychological and emotional safety.

I teach communication strategies that create intergenerational workplace connections, where everyone is passionate about their contribution because they feel seen, heard, understood, valued, and celebrated.

What is Psychological Safety?

Psychological safety is “a sense of confidence that the team will not embarrass, reject or punish someone for speaking up. It describes a team climate characterized by interpersonal trust and mutual respect in which people are comfortable being themselves.” (1999 study by Amy Edmundson, New York Times)

A workplace environment with psychological safety creates:


more engagement and 50% more productivity

(Google’s Project Aristotle)


less stress, 27% reduction in turnover, and 29% more life satisfaction

(Humane Capital Institute)

Is anyone harder to connect with than a teenage girl?

Teenage girls are undoubtedly the hardest group to create psychological safety with. And after 16 years of working with them, I profoundly realized that the tools I use with them, can be used with everyone.

Chelsey’s Speaking Topics

Chelsey tailors an experience perfectly to a group’s needs.

Finding herself in a large range of environments, Chelsey has spoken for college campuses, summer camps for girls, school events with parents, a U.S. Naval base, empowerment workshops on Zoom, charity galas, and Richard Branson’s Necker island, alongside some of the world’s greatest thought leaders.

Speaking Testimonials

—David Wain, director, writer, actor (Role Models, Wet Hot American Summer, Wanderlust)

“I have co-hosted a few charity events where Chelsey spoke, and she is one of the most compelling and exciting speakers that we’ve ever had at these events.”

She knows how to crystallize and mobilize people’s emotions and really tell a story in a simple way that makes you excited about knowing more about the topic and taking action.

“I had the opportunity to co-host an event that Chelsey spoke at, and she was truly fantastic.”

She commands the room. She’s very very fun and informative. It was really inspiring hearing what she had to say. I recommend her very highly!

—Will Forte, actor (SNL, MacGruber, The Last Man on Earth)

“Our group was completely transformed.”

While business summits often focus too much on the external, Chelsey's insight gave us a look at ourselves internally. Both men and women began opening up, connecting, and reigniting passions in such inspiring ways. Chelsey’s powerful energy and enthusiasm delivered an experience our group will never forget.

Dione Spiteri, Event Host for ONEFUTURE on Richard Branson’s Necker Island

“Chelsey possesses a remarkable blend of sincerity and empathy, allowing her to connect with her audience...”

I had the privilege of witnessing Chelsey speak at a mastermind event where she taught high-achieving men how to understand themselves and others. Inspired by her impact, I hired her to speak with my co-ed team for the same transformative insights. Chelsey possesses a remarkable blend of sincerity and empathy, allowing her to connect with her audience and teach strategies that foster deeper individual and shared awareness, significantly elevating high-performing teams.

Daniel Deitrick, U.S. Naval Officer

“Having Chelsey speak to our six different cohorts every year is incredibly inspirational, but she’s also very practical in empowering women and girls’ voices.”

She understands the nuances of leadership, social dynamics, historical influences, and the insecurities that hold us back from our greatest potential. Chelsey increases an audience’s capacity to grow, making the experience invaluable.

Sarah Jakle, Executive Director & Founder of the nonprofit DemocraShe

“Chelsey is a total on-it, walk-the-talk, money-where-your-mouth-is, first responder vibe. ”

I’ve hosted events where she speaks, and she teaches everyone not only how to bring out the best in teenage girls, but in everyone.

Moon Zappa, actress, artist, and author of Earth to Moon: A Memoir

Stressed, Disengaged, and Burnt-Out Employees?

Transform your Team, using Lessons Learned from Teenage Girls

With plunging retention, business leaders need new ways to motivate their team’s best work. According to OC Tanner research, 79% of employees claim that a major reason for quitting their job was due to a lack of appreciation. Gen X leaders are not effectively communicating with Gen Z employees. When that lack of psychological safety seeps into the workplace, it creates disengagement, poor performance, a lack of motivation, and employees rolling their eyes behind their boss’s back. But after working with teenage girls, Chelsey knows exactly how to deactivate eye-rolls, and within a compelling hour, she can teach you how to do the same.

Chelsey teaches corporate leaders the exact words that will inspire an employee to genuinely exclaim, “I love working here!”
  • Dispel the 4 myths you've been told about affirming your team and why it's costing you exceptional employee performance.

  • Discover the specific communication strategies that will not only improve employees’ mental well-being, but will also inspire hard work and dedication.

  • Learn the #1 mistake that limits your employee’s potential and gain the simple tools to change course.


Women Don’t Feel Heard and Teenage Girls Have the Solutions

While working with teenage girls, Chelsey witnessed how society silences, dismisses, minimizes, fears, and squashes girls’ powerful voices in both subtle and large ways. The impact is long-lasting, and as women move into the professional sphere, they find themselves encountering very similar limitations. Learning from teenage girls’ struggles with self-doubt while also trying to be perfect and likable, Chelsey shares actionable tools that adults can use to create more equitable environments. With an intersectional emphasis on DEI, Chelsey has found compelling new ways to break free from socialized patterns and intentionally empower women’s voices. 

Her framework can transform spaces where women and girls’ feel unheard into environments that effectively invite their powerful contributions.
  • Discover the #1 shift that leadership can make to create a work environment where women don’t feel unfairly judged.

  • Uncover how female employees struggle with a work culture of perfectionism and people-pleasing, which severely limits their effectiveness and potential.

  • Learn the 3 fundamental communication strategies that uplift and empower women’s voices at work by creating psychological and emotional safety.

Creating Connection

Empowering Girls. Supporting Parents.

According to recent CDC reports, teenage girls are struggling with anxiety and depression at higher rates than ever before. Chelsey shares the compelling real-life examples of how she stepped into those difficult environments and helped families find the peace and connection they needed. Structured as a virtual or in-person workshop, Q&A, or keynote, Chelsey outlines the communication strategies that help teenage girls feel seen, heard, understood, valued, and celebrated.

And when they feel that way, they not only like the adults in their lives more, but they also like themselves more.
  • Discover the #1 mistake adults make with a teenage girl that cause her to shut off, close down, and disconnect.

  • Learn 4 techniques that inspire girls to like their parents in a way that builds connection and emotional safety.

  • Gain unexpected tools that reduce a teenage girl’s anxiety and empower her confidence.

Speaking Examples

TODAY with Hoda & Jenna
The Gabby Reece Show
Reese Witherspoon's 
Hello Sunshine

Creating Psychological Safety for Everyone from Teenage Girls to CEOs.

I teach communication strategies that help everyone feel seen, heard, understood, valued, and celebrated.

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