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Chelsey Goodan


After 16 years of working with teenage girls, I realized that the tools I used to connect with them can be used with everyone. I empower a person’s voice through curiosity, not judgment, creating an environment where everyone feels safe to be themselves.

Chelsey has spent the last two decades advocating for women’s voices to be heard and valued.

Working with hundreds of girls from diverse backgrounds, teenage girls have invited Chelsey into a rare space of trust, sharing all of the things they wish they could communicate to the world at large.


Becoming a translator and microphone for girls’ voices, Chelsey shares:

“I’ve learned that the world fears teenage girls. And fear is used to silence them. Our society treats teenage girls as something to fix rather than value – and that needs to change.”

Chelsey pursues that transformative change through many avenues.

Volunteering her time as the Mentorship Director of the nonprofit DemocraShe, Chelsey supports and guides girls from underserved communities into leadership positions. She also serves on the board of A Call to Men, a national gender-based violence prevention nonprofit that educates men and boys about healthy masculinity. From 2016-2020, she founded The Activist Cartel where she led an influential, nationwide subscriber base to take action for gender and racial justice. 


She has collaborated with organizations such as The Representation Project, Hello Sunshine, Step Up Women’s Network, Shero's Rise, Big Brothers Big Sisters of NYC, OneKid OneWorld, Glasswing International, V-Day, The Meteor, and The Center for the Advancement of Women.

Additionally working in the entertainment industry since 2003, Chelsey has promoted healthy masculinity narratives in the media, leading initiatives at talent agencies like UTA, the Writers Guild of America, Time’s Up, the Television Academy, while also hosting and organizing A Call to Men’s annual gala in Los Angeles for six years.


As a Tisch graduate from NYU, Chelsey has written and optioned screenplays for over a decade, working directly for the producer of films ranging from Judd Apatow’s Superbad to Darren Aronofsky’s The Fountain. Living in Los Angeles, Chelsey has become a trusted resource for many influential figures, advising them on their philanthropic engagement and cultural messaging.

What teenage girls say...

Chelsey’s passion to explore humanity’s potential for authenticity, liberation, and empowerment, permeates all of her work.

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